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Worker’s Compensation

In California the employer makes the initial selection of physicians. After a period of time specified by state law, the employee has free choice. Unless the employer or the employer's insurer has established a "medical provider network", the employee can change to a physician of his or her own choosing after 30 days. An employee, who has notified his or her employer in writing prior to injury that they have a personal physician, and whose providers provide non-occupational health care coverage, has the right to be treated by his or her personal physician after a job-related injury. The right to be treated by one's personal physician at the outset of injury also applies if the employer has failed to post notice of workers' compensation rights as required. If an employer or insurer has established a medical provider network, then under most conditions the employer controls the initial selection of the physicians and all care must be provided within the network for the life of the claim.

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